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We Got Started Because We Want to Make the Web A Better Place

CloudXperte is a dedicated team of cloud solution provider, who have been transforming client app ideas and requirements into reality since 2009.

Who we are

CloudXperte is an cloud enablement solution that comprises a well-experienced team, who have been creating cloud, mobile and web applications for clients – big and small, from around the world. In our journey so far, we have delivered over 350 projects to clients across the world, including Fortune 500 companies. We have also managed to gain a loyal clientele by applying our skills and years of experience into creating applications as per their needs, while not compromising on quality or performance.

We have always kept ourselves updated about trending innovative technologies and have always upgraded ourselves, in terms of skills and services. We intend to do the same in the years to come, expanding our services beyond the app development, support, and maintenance scene, to continue presenting to you the best cloud, mobile and web applications that would help you write success stories in the business world.



Team Members






Years in Business

What we do

App Designing

CloudXperte brings your app ideas into reality while prioritizing your business requirements. Businesses are in for digital transformation today, realizing the value it holds for their success. We help you leap into digital entrepreneurship through our desktop, mobile, web, and cloud app development services.

Our skilled development team utilizes ReactJS, NodeJS, Vue, Angular and Microsoft.NET frameworks to build quality apps across different platforms – iOS, Android, and cross-platform. We will be with you through the process of app development, right from concept to launch, and our services further extend to support and maintenance as you continue your digital journey.

Our Process


You can get in touch with us through our business app, chat, SMS, Email or Call and let us know about your requirements.


Our salesperson will get back to you after careful analysis to understand your requirements in detail. After the conversation, the necessary documents to continue the proposal are gathered.


We then review the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document you shared with us.

Business Proposal

The salesperson prepares a Business Proposal for you, with the aid of the technical team.

Finalisation of Business Proposal

A back-and-forth meeting between you and the salesperson happens, in terms of finalising the business proposal.


Our salesperson will prepare a contract based on the finalised business proposal and share it with you. You are expected to go through it and send it back to us signed.

Project Commencement Meeting

On clearing the advance payment, a meeting to kick off the project will be scheduled within 7 working days.

Advance Payment

After we receive the signed contract from you, the salesperson will get it countersigned by
the Director. The Accounts department will then send it back to you along with an invoice.

Development and Testing

Upon completing the entire design for the project, development starts. The project will have milestones. On completing each milestone, testing will be done before the progress is shared with you.

Team Allocation & Project Plan

Once the meeting is completed, you will receive a project plan from our Project Manager in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, the team for the project will be allocated and introduced to you at different development stages.

Completion of Project

Once all milestones have been met, we will perform system and integration testing and then hand over the completed project to you.


As we complete and share each milestone of the project, you are expected to share your feedback, based on which the necessary changes will be made (if required). This will continue until we receive the final approval from your end on that particular milestone


This is the final stage of the process, where the project will be deployed on the required platform.


Meet The Team

Mr. Sameer Kutty

Sameer Kutty

Our beacon bearer, MR Sameer has been in the software development/testing industry for so long. He is exposed to wide range of scenarios in the industry and has managed to successfully tackle them to his favour. The strategies that he has developed in doing so, tenacity, perseverance and his broad perception is the main reason why he has led the company to success.

Kishore Lokhande

Kishore Lokhande

An avid srk fan and a cool guy by default, He is a guy with no qualms to don multiple hats as the situation demands. An excellent communicator and leader, Kishore has the capability to inspire and rally our developers for closing any project. Our past clients have always loved to work with him thanks to his result oriented approach and effervescent persona.


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Apps help you connect with your potential customers more than any other means. Start your journey towards digital entrepreneurship by creating the best tailor-made app for your business. Do not have an app development team? Do not worry, we, at Cloudxperte,  will assist you.  

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